Bluestone pavers are a beautiful collection of stones that have grey-blue hues and are a popular choice as outdoor pavers thanks to their hard-wearing durability. And while they are commonly used outdoors, they give any space a modern, trendy look.

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Bluestone is naturally a dark, fine-grained volcanic rock and on rare occasions exhibits a columnar structure. This type of basalt stone is made of a large amount of plagioclase with considerable amounts of pyroxene and olivine minerals.

And when it comes to the production of Bluestone pavers, they are made from volcanic rocks that have been formed and hardened over millions of years, contributing to them becoming dense and strong. The pavers are available in numerous sizes, colours (a natural deep blue, grey with charcoal hues) and beautiful textures

Due to their cool-toned variation, bluestone pavers provide any space with a contemporary look, without detracting from outdoor environments. It’s an ideal choice of garden walkways, driveways and patios, as well as stepping stones.

In Melbourne, Bluestone pavers of Pietra Stone Gallery are high quality, strong and well-known for their durability. Their properties enable the pavers to withstand rough use and extreme weather conditions. Contact us to browse our collection.

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