From traditional through to modern, contemporary designs, our large selection of pavers and exterior natural stone tiles enhance any outdoor vision. Our pavers and exterior tiles are exemplary in terms of quality, durability and style providing a point of sophistication with a myriad of neutral colour palettes and metallic accents.

The outdoors depicts the entire vibe and style of your home. That’s why it’s crucial to make them compliment your indoors. So, don’t settle with anything but the best. Apart from adding value to your home, natural stones are well sought after for various other reasons. Whether it is about travertine pavers,  marble or Limestone, Pietra Stone Gallery offers premium quality outdoor and indoor stone at the most competitive price.

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Natural Stones That Depict Your Lifestyle:

Travertine pavers in tumbled and french pattern format are one of the most stunning and durable natural stones and we source them from the best manufacturer in the world. Each block is cut from high quality travertine slabs and is made to fit a particular requirement.

These days, modern architecture has incorporated silver travertine pavers due to its characteristic of staying cool even during extreme summer months. This is why travertine pavers in Melbourne are one of our highest selling natural stones.

But best of all, travertine doesn’t lose its appeal or durability during harsh months. Whether you live in a place that experiences heavy rainfall or snow showers, these natural stone pavers won’t disappoint you.

Looking For The Perfect Pool Deck Pavers?

Durability, water and moisture resistance and non-slippers – these are the top qualities that make travertine an ideal choice for a pool deck. At Pietra Gallery, we advise customers who want to go for hot tubs or pool spas to go for travertine as it is resistant to extreme temperatures and hence, will last you a lifetime. You can get in touch with us with your project specifications and our team will guide you throughout your purchase journey.

Simplifying Outdoor Landscaping:

Travertine natural stones are widely popular for outdoor landscaping due to two main reasons: 1. They are easy to clean and maintain. 2. They are durable.

When it comes to cleaning travertine stones, it is important to assure that it does not have any scratches or dirt deposited. That is why we recommend sweeping and dusting the surface regularly.

Apart from regular dusting, no intensive cleaning with harsh chemicals or detergents is necessary. When you clean the tiles frequently, natural stones will last you a lifetime.

Your Search For The Right Paver Stones Ends Here:

Our team handpicks natural stones to ensure that there is no compromise with quality. And we understand that you trust us to bring you the best and we ensure that our actions reflect the same.

When it comes to pavers, we have an exclusive collection of natural stones that are ideal to meet heavy foot traffic and extreme weather conditions. When you invest in natural stones, you don’t have to worry about replacing them in a short time period.

Whether you are looking for silver travertine or marble tiles for your indoors, our team can help you choose the right type of flooring that will last you a lifetime. Contact us today to adorn your home with natural hues and warmth with travertine pavers in Melbourne.

Enhance your next Melbourne Project with Travertine Tiles and Pavers

Travertine provides a classic look for both traditional or modern style homes and commercial spaces. Pietra Gallery provides a wide range of quality travertine tiles and pavers, ideal for residential or commercial projects in and around Melbourne. Our travertine tiles and pavers are of the highest quality and can be found in a large variety of projects throughout  Melbourne suburbs. Our range includes:

Ivory Travertine – Ivory Travertine Pavers and Tiles tumbled and unfilled has beautiful blends of cream and white colors enriched with light caramel highlights. Travertine contains natural holes in the surface that provide an extraordinary non slip texture to the finish. However if desired the holes can be easily filled at the time of grouting with our color matched travertine grout.

Classic Travertine – This incredibly beautiful travertine, with its light beige coloring which is suited for both traditional and contemporary projects.

Noce Travertine – This travertine is a mixture of brown, beige and earthy tones, exuding warmth and richness.

Silver Travertine – A beautiful and practical travertine with a simple, natural grey coloring, perfect for a range of spaces.

Philadelphia Silver Travertine – This exclusive beautiful travertine, with its light silver and white coloring is suitable for both indoor traditional and outdoor projects.

Hierapolis Travertine- Stay cool for the summer with our Hierapolis Travertine natural stone pavers. Being slip-resistant and having vibrant and warm colors and a smooth finish, these stone pavers will be perfect around the pool. Our Hierapolis Travertine Pavers are sturdy and durable, resistant to all kinds of weather conditions and yet perfectly stylish to install outdoors.

Titanium Travertine – This travertine is a mixture of dark brown, beige and earthy tones, which give this stone warmth and richness.

Rosso Travertine – Rosso Travertine is a Persian Red Travertine, It is a red sedimentary stone, whose color can vary from feeble to intense. It is porous with soft, sometimes white, spots and veining.

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