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Calacatta Vintage

Natural Stone Slab

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Calacatta Vintage boasts creamy stretches of cool white marble that create a pristine backdrop for the elegant veining of warm grey tones that flow across its surface in a glamorous dance. Shimmering threads of creamy gold weave their way in between the ribbons of fawn imbuing the natural stone with vibrancy and depth in a captivating composition. The glowing lattice offsets the crisp white, a delightful balance that is equally soothing and striking.

An exquisite show of luxury, Calacatta Vintage Marble adorns each interior it finds itself in with a radiant charm. The sparkling natural marble hues bring with them a brightness that lights up the room, while the gorgeous shades of soft ash and dazzling gold add warmth and opulence. Infuse your home with contemporary sophistication by introducing natural stone elements finely crafted from Calacatta Vintage Marble. Transform bathrooms with gleaming marble vanities and lend your kitchen a refined elegance with a stately marble benchtop. Enigmatic and versatile this natural stone is an excellent choice for any home needing a touch of exclusiveness.

Once you have decided that Calacatta Vintage Marble is the ideal natural stone for you, it is time to cast your thoughts to the texture or finish that would best suit your marble in terms of placement and intended use. Two of the most common finishes for Calacatta Vintage Marble are Polished and Honed.




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