Turquoise Green Granite, a stylish and evocative stone that enthralls and delights with its dramatic colour palette. Turquoise is the dominant shade, a cool yet vibrant colour that vibrates with energy. Splashes of teal, minty green and frosty white add character and depth, with strands of golden veining weaving through the vibrant background. The lighter tones perfectly balance out the intensity of the turquoise, giving rise to an artfully bespoke stone that will add depth and vibrancy to any interior setting.

Alive with visual dimensionality, Turquoise Green is a masterpiece in itself, yet when rendered into elegant interior finishings, it becomes truly astounding. A sophisticated choice for any chosen finish, whether it be Granite kitchen countertops or Granite counters to infuse your bathroom with aquatic wonder. Opulent and refined, Turquoise Green Granite is noble both visually and texturally, bringing a majestic feel to any home.